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Clients et partenaires / Clients and partners
Editeurs de littérature jeunesse et BD, artistes de renommée internationale, institutions publiques et privées…
Major comics and children’s books publishers, International artists, museums, libraries and more institutions…

Hervé Tullet, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photographer : Tim Tiebout
Gwen Le Gac, atelier
François Roca, école américaine bilingue, NYC, 2012
François Roca, école américaine bilingue, NYC, 2012

Artistic and Cultural Education (ACE)

Ten years of experience in the visual arts have led me to direct a variety of projects, ranging in topic from the book as an art form to the performing arts. I have organized programs following the ACE educational path, coordinated cross-cultural learning projects and supported the execution of intergenerational projects; whether through a yearly follow-up visit or through one-time trainings, I establish artistic and cultural outreach efforts for youth service professionals. As a notable part of this effort, I offer teachers and facilitators collaborative work tools to stimulate dialogue in rural and bilingual contexts.

Some examples:

Launch of a Young Readers’ Prize (2015-16),

The Comenius Program on European culture (Oxford, 2013-14),

The Comparative Reading Track: Discovering the book publishing supply chain (Gradignan, 2008-2012)