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Clients et partenaires / Clients and partners
Editeurs de littérature jeunesse et BD, artistes de renommée internationale, institutions publiques et privées…
Major comics and children’s books publishers, International artists, museums, libraries and more institutions…


French Comics Framed festival
« Une saison en images » illustrée par Serge Bloch, Galerie Michel Lagarde
Ma vie imaginaire selon Gwen Le Gac, médiathèques de Plaine Commune
Pliés, coupés, décalés, dans l'atelier de Julie Stephen Chheng, médiathèques de Plaine Commune

I design exhibits around books and assist teams in the development of these projects. My approach to conceiving an exhibit consists of imagining a concept and  adapting it to a given location, taking into consideration the exhibit’s specifications and intended audience. Above all, for each project, I work to conceive an exhibit design which highlights the images on display and the artistic approach of their creator. My goal is to provide a new and unique view of the illustrations on display, all the while prioritizing a dialogue between the exhibit and the books from which it draws its material.

Since 2010, I have assisted in the construction of wall mountings and display cases for over a dozen exhibits, experience which prompted me to specialize in the design and application of these display tools. From hanging original works to reproducing illustrations for exhibition, and from designing a retrospective dedicated to a single artist to organizing a thematic exhibit, I have experimented in a variety of formal structures according to the needs of the exhibit, the artist and the audience.