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Clients et partenaires / Clients and partners
Editeurs de littérature jeunesse et BD, artistes de renommée internationale, institutions publiques et privées…
Major comics and children’s books publishers, International artists, museums, libraries and more institutions…

The Imaginary Life of Gwen Le Gac

From November 14th to January 27th, 2016, on the theme “Real or fake”, in ten multimedia libraries in the Plaine Commune network (Parisian suburb), in partnership with the National Children’s Book Fair (SLPJ in Montreuil).

Discover the seven modules of this system of playful learning tools, developed to represent the artistic process of multi-media artist Gwen Le Gac through the use of a variety of materials and interactive components. Over a period of nine months, I conducted a training of librarians with whom I  conceived and devised a detailed plan for its execution. The exhibit immerses the viewer in the imaginary and questions the relationship between real and imagined, as does the oeuvre of Gwen Le Gac. As Le Gac uses various artistic techniques in her books, published by Actes Sud, I translated her creative process into exhibit form by playing on the concept of positive and negative in printmaking (on wood, fabric, etc).