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Clients et partenaires / Clients and partners
Editeurs de littérature jeunesse et BD, artistes de renommée internationale, institutions publiques et privées…
Major comics and children’s books publishers, International artists, museums, libraries and more institutions…


Hervé Tullet - Guggenheim museum ©Filip Wolak - Guggenheim Museum

Hervé Tullet – Guggenheim Museum ©Filip Wolak – Guggenheim Museum

Direction of cultural projects and events

I oversee projects around books and the art of illustration on behalf of publishers, artists and institutions both public and private. In this role, I have organized many festivals, public-relations campaigns and educational programs at an international level. In order to accomplish these projects, I imagine programming and innovative tools that promote reading and artistic and cultural education (ACE). As an advisor on media strategy and public relations, I also offer assessments of the potential areas of optimization and development for your brand and projects.